Domestic Becoming Feral

by Savagist



released February 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Savagist Athens, Georgia

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Track Name: The Feral Bailout
Redemption for the voiceless. Vengeance for those who fell in vain.
A blood bath, a feral insurrection, the final decimation of the machine.
The gods of carnage have awakened. Black shadows circle in the sky.
They hover, soar, glide patiently waiting for the feast. Talons, claws, fangs stained red, shredding flesh from the bone, bone from the body, body from soul. Eyes of the wild illuminating in the glow of burning empires, a world that can't be saved. The scent of progress will outlast its creators, lingering in the wake of synthetic mountains of death. Forcing savage resurrections to live among the gutted belly of this beast. We've passed the point of no return. The unharnessed beauty of nature's screaming. Nothing made by the hands of man can repair the damage that's been done, a symbiotic circle crushed in the path of humanity. Domestic becoming feral, a transition that's hard to complete. The language of our ancestors, begin to speak.
Track Name: Fire From Friction
Lightning ignited, trees on fire burned. Captured, carried by our ancestors. Out of horror grew a necessity. For flame as they wandered these lands. A gift from the gods or paleolithic ingenuity. Fire from friction was born. Fire from wood rubbing wood. Watching the embers grow, transfer to bundle, gently begin to blow. Nurture and coax, confirm with flame. A furious miracle flickering towards the stars. Kneeling before the fire, the quest complete. The friction between man already proves a return to the ancient way, fire from friction.
Track Name: Mellow Fields
Releasing old notions through dissection, life and death in here abide not time. The fuse was lit from both ends with a shotgun in each hand. Look into my eyes, into my mind, into my soul. We will taste the frequencies of emotion, the smell of conscious thought, it burns, it burns. And with each breath you can hear the permeation. Alpha waves coursing through our veins. Venoms from beyond the mellow fields can't penetrate, melting away the sorrow on the backs of invisibility. A pulse that we follow through dim light.
Track Name: Descension of the Red Locusts
From the sky, Devouring Red Cloud. Descending, Cleaning teeth. No more room for fleshly things. Pestilential wings, Fanning flames that burn the air. Plague, Impending, Boiling brains. Biomass liquefied and evaporated. The dissolute consumed, Rendered as waste. Earth scraped of soil, A barren bedrock skull. Primordial birth, Bones exposed. Geosuicide, raging bioappetite. Global autophagia. Dust eating dust, like sacrificial smoke. Rise ashes to the sky.
Track Name: Warpaint
As blood flows down my fingers, I smear on warpaint. The cage within cages smashed, a place where my heart once beat. Wasted temples of flesh designed for killing, wasted future inside barren wombs bred for death. This is all we know, this is all we have, this is all we've ever been. Your American dream has died, white picket crucifix dangles in burning shroud. If gods of fire burn their machines, if gods of wind blow away what stands, if gods of water flood this world again, our toxic creations will still remain.